Our Programs

A Full-Spectrum Legal Education

It’s true that law school will teach you how to “think like a lawyer.” Our goal in our JD program is to help you develop strong critical thinking skills, as well as the professional tools you’ll need, no matter where your legal education takes you.

Like other law schools, your first-year JD program curriculum is primarily a schedule of required courses. What’s different at Arizona Law is the level of individualized attention you’ll receive, in small sections of just 25 to 30 students, and with intensive support in your research and skills classes.

In your second and third years, you can select from a wide range of courses, seminars, clinical opportunities, internships, and externships. Dozens of courses are offered each semester, and 90 percent of them have between 5 and 25 students, making your classes highly interactive.   

In addition to a challenging core curriculum, Arizona Law boasts several areas of exceptional strength:

  • Environmental Law, Science & Policy
  • Indian & Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy
  • Business Law & Innovation
  • International Trade Law & Business Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Law & Data

In each of these areas, nationally-recognized faculty will engage you in projects and activities that deepen your understanding of law and practice.

With focused study and activities, you can earn a certificate in Criminal Law and Policy, Environmental Law, Science and Policy, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy, or International Trade and Business Law. And, if you have multidisciplinary interests, you can pursue one of our many dual-degree programs, including our three-year JD/MBA.

Beyond the classroom, we provide you with dozens of paths to hands-on experience. Our clinics, legal skills competitions, and volunteer activities will help you translate classroom skills to practice.