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General, Transfer & International Requirements

This page details application requirements for students just beginning their law studies as well as for transfer and visitor students and international applicants. You may also want to review policies establishing the University of Arizona as an equal opportunity and affirmative action institution.

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General Application Requirements

A Bachelor's Degree
Earned by your enrollment date, from an accredited college or university.

Completed Application and Domicile Affidavit
Includes a non-refundable $65 application fee; you can complete part of your application online through the LSAC Electronic Application Service. Note that disclosure of your social security number is voluntary per privacy law.

Law School Admission Test Scores (from June 2008 or later)
Letters of Recommendation (two or more)
Should substantively detail your analytical abilities and writing skills. You may choose to use the online LSAC services for submitting letters.
Personal Statement (4 pages double-spaced max)

An opportunity to discuss your personal qualities, activities, interests, background, and any experiences or circumstances that have shaped your life.

Credential Assembly Service Report
Prospective students can register for the CAS through the Law School Admission Council.

Other Considerations
The admissions committee also evaluates educational experiences, grade trends, significant service, educational and occupational experiences, socioeconomic background, individual challenges, and other factors.

Applicants who plan to practice law should also note that bar admission requires consideration of character and moral fitness. We encourage you to learn more about various state bar associations and legal ethics as you plan your law education.

Application Deadlines

Review of applications begins in mid-November and continues on a rolling basis until the class is filled.

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Transfer & Visitor Requirements

You can apply to transfer to Arizona Law or study as a visitor after your first year of law studies. Transfer and visitor applicants must submit the following by July 15 of the enrollment year:

  • Completed application and domicile affidavit (see above)
  • Personal statement (see above)
  • Personal resume
  • Official law school transcript with past and current grades and rank
  • Two letters of recommendation from law faculty you’ve studied under
  • Letter from your current dean confirming good standing
  • For visitors, the dean’s letter should also state permission to enroll at Arizona Law and list any conditions limiting units acceptable to your home institution

Note that transfer credits awarded will be transferred as pass/fail units and will not exceed those for the same courses/units at Arizona Law. Transfer students must complete 37 graded units after completing the 1L curriculum and 88 units in total. Class rank will be based on grades at Arizona Law.

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Requirements for International Applicants

If you have a non-US law degree, you may be eligible for our Advanced JD Program for Non-US Lawyers. This program offers an accelerated path, allowing you to earn your JD in two years or less. An LSAT score is not required for admission to the Advanced JD Program. More information is available here, along with application instructions.

If you are an international student seeking admission to the JD program, and do not have a non-US law degree, you must apply as first-year student as outlined above, including taking the LSAT.

Most international applicants must also submit transcripts for any postsecondary academic work completed outside the United States, its territories, or Canada through the LSAC JD Credential Assembly Service (JD-CAS). 

However, if you completed foreign work through a study abroad, consortium, or exchange program sponsored by a U.S. or Canadian institution, and if that work is clearly indicated as such on your transcript, you do not need to submit materials through JD-CAS.

Finally, if your undergraduate degree is from a school where English was not the language of instruction, you must submit a TOEFL score to LSAC. Contact the Educational Testing Service and request that your TOEFL score be sent to LSAC (institution code number 0058, department code 03). 

Additional Information for International Applicants

Learn more about the LLM International Trade Law Program 
Learn more about the LLM Indigenous Peoples Law Program
Learn more about the Advanced JD Program for Non-US Lawyers

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