Advanced JD Admissions for Non-U.S. Lawyers

Accelerate Your Education

Arizona Law’s Advanced Admissions for non-U.S. lawyers provides an economical and dramatically shorter path to a Juris Doctor (JD) for those with non-U.S. legal training. This program offers two accelerated tracks to the JD depending on your prior legal education.

The degree provides graduates opportunities to practice law independently or in U.S. law firms; in U.S. governmental organizations and non-profits; in their home countries—for example by representing U.S. investors or local businesses investing here; or anywhere in the world where U.S. companies invest or do business.

Advantages of a JD from Arizona Law include:

  • Access to the bar exam in all 50 U.S. states
  • The same foundational training provided to US students, including the full range of first-year and upper-level JD courses
  • A far better understanding of American legal principles and processes
  • Higher likelihood of passing the bar due to having taken the same “building block” courses as other JD students
  • More extensive legal research and writing training than is possible in the typical one-year LLM program, providing superior knowledge of legal English writing and research techniques
  • Enhanced employment opportunities: Graduates are fully-trained U.S. lawyers with the same JD degree as other attorneys in the United States

Candidates for Advanced Admissions must possess, or be pursuing, an undergraduate or graduate law degree from a foreign law school approved by the government or other accrediting authority in the nation in which it is located. However, candidates do not have to be a member of the bar in that nation.

Learn more about how to apply with detailed program information and application instructions.

For additional Information, contact Associate Dean Brent White via email or by phone at (520) 626-2063.